Atomic Mass200.59
Atomic Number80
Name OriginsPlanet Mercury; Latin, hydragyrum = liquid silver
Year DiscoveredPrehistoric.
Discovered CreditsKnown to ancient civilizations.
RemarksLiquid silvery metal. Stable in air and water, unreactive to acids (except conc nitric) and alkalis. Used in chlorine and NaOH manufacture, street lights, fungicides, electrical apparatus, etc.
Diagnostic TestsIn a closed tube, a sublimate of metallic mercury or black HgS is yielded when the mineral is heated with dry soda (Na2CO3). In solution, mercury (Hg1+), along with lead and silver form white, insoluble chlorides from aqueous solutions.
ReferencesEmsley, J., 1991; THE ELEMENTS : Sec. Ed., Clarendon Press, Oxford, 251 p.

Naturally Ocurring Isotopes :

Mass Nuclide Number Natural Abundance Half-life Half-life Unit Decay Mode Decay Mode MeV Decay Mode %
195.965807 196 0.15 % Stable
197.966743 198 10.1 % Stable
198.968254 199 17 % Stable
199.9683 200 23.1 % Stable
200.970277 201 13.2 % Stable
201.970617 202 26.65 % Stable
203.973467 204 6.85 % Stable

86 Minerals sorted by % of Hg (Mercury) :

Mercury100.00 %Hg
Hanawaltite92.75 %Hg+6Hg++[Cl,(OH)]2O3
Montroydite92.61 %HgO
Poyarkovite92.12 %Hg3ClO
Eglestonite89.62 %Hg6Cl3O(OH) (?)
Terlinguaite88.63 %Hg+Hg++ClO
Pinchite88.14 %Hg++5O4Cl2
Edgarbaileyite87.74 %Hg+6Si2O7
Gianellaite86.61 %Hg4(SO4)N2
Metacinnabar86.22 %HgS
Hypercinnabar86.22 %HgS
Cinnabar86.22 %HgS
Kelyanite85.99 %Hg+16Hg++20Sb3(Cl,Br)9O28
Calomel84.98 %Hg2Cl2
Comancheite84.67 %Hg13(Cl,Br)8O9
Peterbaylissite84.19 %Hg+3(CO3)(OH)2(H2O)
Kadyrelite83.93 %Hg4(Br,Cl)2O
Clearcreekite83.72 %Hg+3(CO3)(OH)2H2O
Deanesmithite83.64 %Hg+2Hg++3Cr++++++O5S2
Kleinite82.92 %Hg2N(Cl,SO4)n(H2O)
Schuetteite82.45 %Hg3(SO4)O2
Corderoite81.67 %Hg3S2Cl2
Kenhsuite81.67 %Hg3S2Cl2
IMA2001-03580.53 %Hg++Hg+10O4I2(Cl1.16Br0.84)2
Mosesite79.96 %Hg2N(Cl,SO4,MoO4,CO3)(H2O)
Lavrentievite79.28 %Hg3S2(Cl,Br)2
Shakhovite78.42 %Hg+4Sb+++++O3(OH)3
Kuznetsovite77.53 %Hg3Cl(AsO4)
Edoylerite76.96 %Hg++3Cr++++++O4S2
Arzakite74.90 %Hg3S2(Br,Cl)2
Kuzminite74.46 %Hg2(Br,Cl)2
Chursinite74.28 %Hg+Hg++(AsO4)
Moschellandsbergite73.61 %Ag2Hg3
Amalgam73.61 %Ag2Hg3
Grechishchevite73.58 %Hg3S2(Br,Cl,I)2
Wattersite73.05 %Hg+4Hg++Cr++++++O6
Kolymite73.01 %Cu7Hg6
Belendorffite73.01 %Cu7Hg6
Radtkeite72.65 %Hg3S2ClI
Szymanskiite72.34 %Hg+16(Ni,Mg)6(H3O)8(CO3)123(H2O)
Tiemannite71.75 %HgSe
Magnolite69.56 %Hg+2Te++++O3
Potarite65.34 %PdHg
Tvalchrelidzeite64.91 %Hg12(Sb,As)8S15
Moschelite61.25 %Hg+2I2
Coloradoite61.12 %HgTe
Schachnerite60.34 %Ag1.1Hg0.9
Paraschachnerite55.35 %Ag3Hg2
Goldamalgam53.45 %(Au,Ag)Hg
Perroudite52.94 %Hg5-xAg4+xS5-x(Cl,I,Br)4+x
Iltisite51.82 %HgSAg(Cl,Br)
Capgaronnite50.34 %HgAg(Cl,Br,I)S
Donharrisite44.25 %Ni8Hg3S9
Coccinite44.14 %Hg++I2 (?)
Weishanite43.36 %(Au,Ag)3Hg2
Gortdrumite42.69 %(Cu,Fe)6Hg2S5
Laffittite41.83 %AgHgAsS3
Imiterite41.75 %Ag2HgS2
IMA1999-02341.31 %Cu2HgSe2
Galkhaite40.64 %(Cs,Tl)(Hg,Cu,Zn)6(As,Sb)4S12
Luanheite38.27 %Ag3Hg
Polhemusite38.21 %(Zn,Hg)S
Aktashite36.09 %Cu6Hg3As4S12
Velikite34.91 %Cu2HgSnS4
Christite34.82 %TlHgAsS3
Leadamalgam32.62 %HgPb2
Gruzdevite32.44 %Cu6Hg3Sb4S12
Atheneite32.37 %(Pd,Hg)3As
Routhierite31.11 %TlCu(Hg,Zn)2(As,Sb)2S3
IMA2001-01031.09 %(Ag3Hg)(V,As)O4
Eugenite29.24 %Ag9Hg2
Bayankhanite28.25 %Cu6HgS4
IMA2001-06127.81 %Pd8Hg3Se9
Grumiplucite26.86 %HgBi2S4
Simonite24.40 %TlHgAs3S6
Temagamite22.22 %Pd3HgTe3
Livingstonite21.25 %HgSb4S8
Vrbaite20.73 %Tl4Hg3Sb2As8S20
Tocornalite19.44 %(Ag,Hg)I (?)
Vaughanite17.97 %TlHgSb4S7
Petrovicite16.69 %PbHgCu3BiSe5
Hakite16.53 %(Cu,Hg)3(Sb,As)(Se,S)3
Danielsite13.16 %(Cu,Ag)14HgS8
Balkanite12.79 %Cu9Ag5HgS8
Stalderite5.27 %TlCu(Zn,Fe,Hg)2As2S6
Fettelite5.27 %Ag24HgAs5S20