Atomic Mass195.08
Atomic Number78
Name OriginsSpanish, platina = silver
Year Discovered1750
Discovered CreditsKnown to pre-Columbian South Americans and taken to Europe about 1790.
RemarksSilvery-white metal, lustrous, malleable, ductile. Unaffected by oxygen and water, only dissolves in aqua-regia and fused alkalis. Used in jewelry, drugs, catalysts, etc.
Diagnostic TestsThere are no simple chemical tests for platinum. The element is usually found as an alloy or a sulfide mineral with other platinum group metals. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy is used for quantitative analysis and Energy Dispersive Analysis of X-rays (EDAX) is used for qualitative analysis.
ReferencesEmsley, J., 1991; THE ELEMENTS : Sec. Ed., Clarendon Press, Oxford, 251 p.

Naturally Ocurring Isotopes :

Mass Nuclide Number Natural Abundance Half-life Half-life Unit Decay Mode Decay Mode MeV Decay Mode %
189.959917 190 0.01 % 6,9x1011 Years alpha 3,18 100,0
191.961019 192 0.79 % 1x1015 Years alpha 100,0
193.962655 194 32.9 % Stable
194.964766 195 33.8 % Stable
195.965 196 25.3 % Stable
197.967869 198 7.2 % Stable

44 Minerals sorted by % of Pt (Platinum) :

Platinum100.00 %Pt
Yixunite83.60 %Pt3In
Tetraferroplatinum77.74 %PtFe
Ferronickelplatinum77.31 %Pt2FeNi
Tulameenite76.57 %Pt2FeCu
Isoferroplatinum76.13 %(Pt,Pd)3(Fe,Cu)
Luberoite75.54 %Pt5Se4
Hongshiite75.43 %PtCu
Rustenburgite68.86 %(Pt,Pd)3Sn
Cooperite62.62 %(Pt,Pd,Ni)S
Braggite62.62 %(Pt,Pd,Ni)S
Niggliite62.17 %PtSn
Tatyanaite58.18 %(Pt,Pd,Cu)9Cu3Sn4
Stumpflite57.61 %Pt(Sb,Bi)
Sperrylite56.56 %PtAs2
Genkinite55.37 %(Pt,Pd)4Sb3
Sudovikovite55.26 %PtSe2
Malanite50.40 %Cu(Pt,Ir)2S4
Daomanite49.05 %
Damiaoite45.93 %PtIn2
Platarsite44.17 %(Pt,Rh,Ru)AsS
Dayingite43.76 %CuCoPtS4
Geversite40.46 %Pt(Sb,Bi)2
Rhodium38.72 %(Rh,Pt)
Maslovite36.69 %PtBiTe
Insizwaite34.26 %Pt(Bi,Sb)2
Moncheite31.21 %(Pt,Pd)(Te,Bi)2
Vincentite30.48 %(Pd,Pt)3(As,Sb,Te)
Atokite29.00 %(Pd,Pt)3Sn
Zvyagintsevite28.72 %(Pd,Pt,Au)3(Pb,Sn)
Hollingworthite24.60 %(Rh,Pt,Pd)AsS
Konderite19.43 %PbCu3(Rh,Pt,Ir)8S16
Oulankaite18.37 %(Pd,Pt)5(Cu,Fe)4SnTe2S2
Xingzhongite18.13 %(Pb,Cu,Fe)(Ir,Pt,Rh)2S4
Inaglyite15.90 %PbCu3(Ir,Pt)8S16
Crerarite15.26 %(Pt,Pb)Bi3(S,Se)4-x (x~0.7)
Taimyrite13.74 %(Pd,Cu,Pt)3Sn
Merenskyite11.49 %(Pd,Pt)(Te,Bi)2
Kharaelakhite11.08 %(Pt,Cu,Pb,Fe,Ni)9S8
Iridium10.67 %(Ir,Os,Ru,Pt)
Michenerite10.48 %(Pd,Pt)BiTe
Bowieite10.09 %(Rh,Ir,Pt)1.77S3
Irarsite7.67 %(Ir,Ru,Rh,Pt)AsS
Ferrorhodsite2.33 %(Fe,Cu)(Rh,Ir,Pt)2S4