Help on Dana Classification : Dana Classif. : Dana Code:52.2.2a.1
Dana Class:52 - Nesosilicates Nesosilicate Insular SiO4 Groups and O, OH, F, and H2O
Dana Type:52.2 - Nesosilicates Nesosilicate Insular SiO4 Groups and O, OH, F, and H2O with cations in [4] and >[4] coordination
Dana Group:52.2.2a - Al2SiO5 (Sillimanite subgroup)
CodeMineralFormulaH-M SymbolSpace Group
52.2.2a.1SillimaniteAl2SiO5 = Al[6]Al[4]OSiO42/m 2/m 2/mPnma
52.2.2a.2MulliteAl6Si2O132/m 2/m 2/mPbam
Help on Strunz Class: Strunz Classif. : Strunz Code:VIII/B.02-10
Strunz Class:VIII - Silicates
Strunz Type:VIII/B - Nesosubsilicates, with anions unfamiliar to tetraheders, cations of octahedral and tetrahedral orientation [4/6]
Strunz Group:VIII/B.02 - Disthene series
CodeMineralFormulaH-M SymbolSpace Group
VIII/B.02-10SillimaniteAl2SiO5 = Al[6]Al[4]OSiO42/m 2/m 2/mPnma
VIII/B.02-20AndalusiteAl2SiO5 = Al[6]Al[5]OSiO42/m 2/m 2/mPnnm
VIII/B.02-30Kanonaite(Mn+++,Al)AlSiO52/m 2/m 2/mPnnm
VIII/B.02-40KyaniteAl2SiO5 = Al[6]Al[6]OSiO4 -1P-1
VIII/B.02-50MulliteAl6Si2O132/m 2/m 2/mPbam
VIII/B.02-70TopazAl2SiO4(F,OH)22/m 2/m 2/mPbnm