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Dana Class:28 - Sulfate Minerals
Dana Type:28.3 - Anhydrous Acid and Sulfates (A++) XO4
Dana Group:28.3.5 - 
CodeMineralFormulaH-M SymbolSpace Group 2P321,Fe+++)(SO4)23 2P321
Help on Strunz Class: Strunz Classif. : Strunz Code:VI/A.05-10
Strunz Class:VI - Sulfates, Chromates, Molybdates and Tungstates
Strunz Type:VI/A - VI/A - Waterfree sulfates [SO4]2- without unfamiliar anions. cations of medium size
Strunz Group:VI/A.05 - Godovikovite - Sabieite series
CodeMineralFormulaH-M SymbolSpace Group
VI/A.05-10Godovikovite(NH4)(Al,Fe+++)(SO4)23 2P321
VI/A.05-20Sabieite(NH4)Fe+++(SO4)23 2P321