Help on Gladstone-Dale: Gladstone Dale: G-D constant (Kc):0.1295 [Kc=Σ(kipi/100)], i=1,n
Derived G-D constant (KpDcalc):0.1513 [KpDcalc=(nmean index of refraction-1)/Densitycalc]
Derived G-D constant (KpDmeas):0.1705 [KpDmeas=(nmean index of refraction-1)/Densitymeas]
Compatibility Index (CIcalc):-0.168 (Poor) [CIcalc=(1-KpDcalc/KC]
Compatibility Index (CImeas):-0.317 (Poor) [CImeas=(1-KpDmeas/KC]
Help on Optical Data: Optical Data: Optical Name:Biaxial (-)
Index Nα:1,658-1,69
Index Nβ:1,699-1,724
Index Nγ:1,699-1,724
Index Nε:
Index Nω:
Index N:
Biaxial 2V (calc):0o
Biaxial 2V (meas):0-51o
Dispersion:relatively strong
Diochroism ε:
Diochroism ω:
Pleochroism x:
Pleochroism y:
Pleochroism z: