Monday 19

1st Batxillerat headed to Dublin to have a magnificent Irish experience and challenge themselves by putting into practice real communication with native speakers.

The first day we left our luggage and started visiting the city. After asking for maps of Dublin in the tourist information in O’Connell street, two, out of the eight groups created in class, guided us through the highlights they had previously investigated about.

The plan these days is to learn from the Irish rich culture and history.

Well! Welcome to Dublin!


Tuesday 20

Today was our second day in Dublin. We continue discovering the world, guided by the free tour prepared by the students in our class.
Among other interesting things, we visited Christchurch, were mistaken for an official tour, and saw 800-hundred-year-old mummies where the mother of Bram Stoker is buried.
Unforgettable experience!

Wednesday 21

On our last day of the trip, we made the most of it by learning more about the city and its history in the Little Museum of Dublin and visiting the Custom House.
We could also practice our listening skills recognizing features of the Irish accent in our guides. We enjoyed a lot, but it was time to come back home.
Goodbye Ireland!