Sunday 21

4th meeting of the #ErasmusPlus #ClimateChangeChallenge project, we are traveling to Plock.

Nerves, emotions and a lot of illusion in a trip that will allow us to know a very different society and culture from ours.

Alba's & Alexia's chronicle of the departure to Plock

Monday 22

We have met at school at 9.25 where a warming welcome had been prepared with an opening speech followed by cheerleaders, singers, dancers.... Ceremony that ended with a surprise: a cake with the Erasmus logo.  Delicious!

Then, we visited the school .  After that, we went for a walk and had lunch.
In the afternoon, all the schools presented their videos about the Climate Change, activists and schools.
Now we are going with our partners to play volleyball, others to a spa...
What a wonderful day!
Regura 's and Nil's's chronicle of the first Erasmus+ day

Tuesday 23

We have met at school at 9.30 where an ecological workshop organised by the ekologiczny uniwersytet Ludowy had been prepared for us. We began with a mindfulness activity and then  split into groups according to our birth month, we worked about the typical vegetables grown in each country in our birth month and the typical meal menus.  We explained them to the other groups. Later, we worked on how the climate change is affecting the ecosystems.  We showed the results in paper.
After lunch, we had the visit to the Town Hall with a warming welcome speech.
Alba's chronicle of the second Erasmus+ day 

Wednesday 24

Enlarging our knowledge about other European countries is another objective of the Erasmus project. So, today we have been in a guided visit in Warsow with a local guide who has explained to us the history of Poland.

In the afternoon we have been in the Copernicus museum where the students using their senses have experimented the world secrets.

If you go to Warsaw, don't forget to go to this museum.  You will have a good time.
Guillem's chronicle of the third Erasmus+ day




Thursday 25 

Today we have visited the Orlen refinery, the most important one in Poland. The guide has explained to us that the oil comes from the United States, from Africa and from the Arab Countries.

In the afternoon, we had a guided visit in Plock which ended in the Mazovian museum.  An important museum about Decor Art. 
Alxia's chronicle of the fourth Erasmus+ day

Friday 26, Our last day in Plock.

Time passes so quickly and we have arrived at the end of our stay in Plock. At 9.00 we have arrived at school where we were split into 2 groups to attend biology and chemistry lessons on the project topic.  In the biology class we learnt about pollution, then we took a Quizizz test to check our knowledge, and finally we spoke about the many diferent types of pollution (from digital to thermal or air).
After that, all the students and teachers participated in a Kahoot contest. Nil was the winner.
Finally, the Polish coordinator handed out the  certificates to the Erasmus participants and a delicious lunch with typical Polish dishes had been prepared for us.
An unforgettable experience! 
Nil's chronicle of the departure to Plock


 Saturday 27, Goodbye Poland

Saturday morning was a stressful  and sad day.  Crying a lot, we said goodbye to the families and partners.  Then, at the airport, we saw our Italian partners  and spent more time with them and more tears, kisses and hugs.

On the flight, everyone had time to remember the happy moments in this Erasmus meeting.  Now the daily routine, homework, exams again, but with a lot of things to explain to our classmates and parents.
Thank you Erasmus for giving us this opportunity.

Final chronicle of Erasmus+ in Plock