My name is José Antonio. I am responsible for the Chemistry subject in our high school and one of the teachers who was in Turin last week with some of our oldest students on an Erasmus+ experience. Together with Marta, the English teacher, I had the chance to know and see, from the teacher’s point of view, what it is really like to be an Erasmus+ participant, how our students get on daily with fellow teenagers from other nationalities (not only Italian, but also Turkish, Portuguese, Finnish or Polish) and make the most of it. 

The feeling is more than great: smiling faces on the flight back to Spain, tiredness and barely no time to relax but feeling that it has been really worth it. While it has been about the usual project paperwork and meetings for the adult section, our pupils have been able to meet people from different countries, cultures and habits, express themselves in a different language and exchange opinions, hobbies or visit a foreign city.

Former Erasmus college student as I am, I personally believe this is an opportunity not to be missed by any student who is interested in travelling, meeting people for other places in Europe and the rest of the world and broadening their horizons in a way that goes far beyond the academic life. It goes without saying that it also allows them to be more in touch with a foreign language while being in a different scholar atmosphere yet with same-age people to share their interests, befriend and make a good relationship with.

All in all, an opportunity that no one should, if offered, miss during their high school life.