Saturday 5

3rd meeting of the #ErasmusPlus #ClimateChangeChallenge project, we are traveling to Lieksa.

A day of travel, where we will spend the night in Helsinki to leave by train to our destination.

Nerves, emotions and a lot of illusion in a trip that will allow us to know a society and culture very different from us.

Sunday 5

Transition day.
We got up early to take the train, first to Joensuu and a second train to Leiksa.
The trip was long, but entertaining. The snowy landscape was both distracting and relaxing at the same time. Oh how cold!

Finally we arrived at our destination, where our partners were waiting for us and received us with a warm welcome.

And so far for today, tired but excited and waiting for the beginning of the meeting.


Monday 6

First day of activities at Lieksan lyäkoulu & Lieksan lukio.

The session was opened by the Director of Welfare Services, Arto Sihvonen, who reminded us how real and urgent the fight against climate change is. Once finished, we were shown the magnificent facilities of the centre. Many of us were surprised to see how the Finnish students were doing sewing, cooking, home economics and other very "everyday" jobs.

To replenish our strength, we were treated to a typical breakfast: "porridge" to keep up the pace of the day.

After lunch, the different delegations presented their work on the carbon footprint and the main sources of renewable energy in our countries. We could see the high awareness of this issue and the increasing number of these installations.

Once the presentations were over, it was time to spend the rest of the day with the partners and enjoy the surroundings.

Tuesday 7

Today we had an intense day of work. In the early hours we worked as a team on the design of a poster to raise awareness of the need to combat climate change and what measures to take to make our commitment concrete.
After lunch, each delegation presents a person who works in our countries in the defence of the environment.
We have chosen Laura Reboul, Climate Activist, Communicator and Environmental Educator.
"Anyone who takes action to stop the madness in which we live can be considered an activist".
In the afternoon, with the work finished, we enjoyed ice skating on a rink all to ourselves. Daring, balance and a lot of laughter in an hour that went by very quickly.
The exercise and the coolness of the road whetted our appetites and we all ended up sharing the rest of the afternoon in a pizzeria.
And then, at the end of the day, it was time to rest, because tomorrow we will have a day of cultural visits to the city of Joensuu.



Wednesday 8

Today was dedicated to getting to know the city of Joensuu and spending a morning with our partners in a much more playful and relaxed way.

A coach trip between snowy landscapes and frozen lakes that we are not used to. Soon we arrived in Joensuu and we could walk around the city, the North Carelian museum (Pohjois-Karjalan museum), its shopping centres, do some shopping and have lunch.

In the second part of the visit, we went to the Riveria, Peltolan Kampus, where we were able to learn about different ways of using solar energy (production of electricity and hot water and heating).

As a final part of the visit, we were explained the functioning of the Finnish education system and its possibilities and resources in academic and vocational education. 
And .... tomorrow we will visit the Koli National Park.

Tursday 9

Today we went on an excursion to Koli National Park.

The winter landscape we have seen has been spectacular; the views, the trails, the forest... After finishing the proposed route, we enjoyed a fire and a comforting meal.

And to round off the outing we did some attractive activities: horse riding, relaxation session in a spa, downhill, fatbycicles... and the time flew by.

On the way back to the campus, we had the certificate ceremony and prepared dinner in the home economics area of the centre.

And now it's time to rest, tomorrow will be the last day and there will be some surprises...

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 Saturday 11

The delegations return to their countries.

A week of work comes to an end in which we have learned about the important role that renewable energies play in the fight against climate change.

We have enjoyed the incredible landscapes, the coexistence with students from other countries and we have known "in situ" a little of the culture and customs of a country far away and different from ours.

See you in Poland