Durant els propers dies rebrem els alumnes de 6è de les escoles del barri que, acompanyats dels seus tutors i tutores, realitzaran un taller dins les activitats programades per al pas de primària a secundària de la zona Gornal-Bellvitge.

Els professors del Departament de Tecnologia i de Matemàtiques són els encarregats de dissenyar, rebre i guiar els alumnes en l'activitat de taller que els proposem, que per a aquesta ocasió és la construcció d'una cúpula de Leonardo. Amb l'ajut de la impressora 3D i de materials sencills treballarem de forma col·laborativa per tal de realitzar les diferents construcions proposades d'una forma senzilla i molt creativa, i que, un cop acabada, s'emportaran a casa.



Benvinguts i esperem que gaudiu de la vostra "primera classe a l'Institut Europa"

Saturday morning: today we have spent the whole day with the families who have prepared different activities for us and thanks to them we have been able to know and understand better the Danish lifestyle, culture, traditions and tasted the Danish food. After a huge breakfast, we have visited different cities. Some of us have been to Esbjerg where we have ice-skated in the main square. And can you believe us? We have seen our teachers having lunch at Mc.Donalds. Then Pilar will talk about the importance of a healthy diet! Others have visited the Kunsten Museum or the Lego Museum near Billund But the most important thing is that we have practised English and enjoyed a lot with our partners and their families. By the exchange students.

Today is a special day for the ESO students in year 3rd and 4th because after spending a year working in the exchange program, they are going to meet their Danish partners face to face . Although they have exchanged videos talking about their hobbies, family and friends for a year, now they are nervous thinking what they will be like, the life in the boarding school, the weekend with the families, the weather…..and so on.

Now we have just arrived at the school and surprise, surprise all the students are waiting for us. “Hi everybody!

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Aquest any, els alumnes de l'Institut Europa han tornat a deixar-se posseir per música i ens han tornat a demostrar que tothom se sent millor quan balla. This year students of Institut Europa have been possessed by the music again and proved that we all fell better when we're dancing.