After the welcome speech given by the headmistress of the school, we did with some warming up activities to form the working teams and in groups, we answered a questionnaire about our eating habits and recycling awareness.

Next, the German and Finnish students presented their research work prepared for the meeting. Then, we visited the school facilities and had lunch. But the best activity was in the afternoon when we went by bike to visit the Boerderij ‘t Geertje farm where we could touch and feed the animals and we learnt how to milk the goats. After that, we went to have dinner with the families and to the bowling alley.

Els alumnes de l’aula d’acollida, acompanyats per l’Anna Falcó, vam fer una sortida a la biblioteca. Ens va rebre el Jordi, un dels bibliotecaris, que ens va explicar el funcionament de la biblioteca, com estan distribuïdes les diferents plantes i ens va dir que ens podíem emportar llibres i pel·lícules amb la nostra targeta. També ens va ensenyar a buscar i reservar llibres amb els ordinadors de les sales. El que no sabíem és que la biblioteca té una sala on es fan moltes activitats, com per exemple ioga, cosa que ens va sorprendre molt.

Ens vam sentir molt acollits pel personal de la biblioteca i en vam sortir molt contents.

Today the Erasmus students have arrived in Holland where their partners were waiting for them. Tomorrow we are going to visit the school facilities and begin the presentations prepared by each team.

We hope they enjoy, know more about this country and improve their communicative skills in English.

This term the students have been preparing the materials to be presented in the following Erasmus meeting in Holland. The Spanish team’s task has been focused on the vegetable and fruit process from the fields to their sale in the shops, paying close attention to the packaging with the aim of raising awareness of the huge amount of paper, cardboard and plastic wasted.