Tips to survive lockdown

During the last few weeks students in 4ESO have been doing online speaking classes with their English conversation assistant, Hannah.

It has been really interesting to connect with all of the students online and we have spoken about many different things such as how our lives have changed because of the quarantine and what our daily routines are like now. We are staying positive and we have talked about what benefits we can find during the quarantine, such as spending more time with our families and using time to practise doing things we love.

The students have also been thinking about what they would tell their friends, families or even people in other countries about what are the best activities and things everybody can do to stay safe and happy during the lockdown.

They have made some amazing posters that we are going to share with you with our tip tops to survive the quarantine. We hope you like them and that they provide inspiration for things you can do at home.

Here are our top tips for serving the quarantine!

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