The end of our Erasmus project

Our Erasmus project called Inwastegation that began in 2018 has ended successfully this month. All the tasks have been finished but unfortunately the last meeting was cancelled due to the pandemic. Our evaluation is very positive because of the positive effects on the students who have participated. Now they are more aware of the environmental problems, they have improved their communication skills in English, their digital competence preparing powerpoint presentations and presenting them in front of a big audience, short films, posters. But according to the students, the best of the project has been the good time spent with their partners in Germany, in The Nederland’s, in Finland, the friendship, the trip by boat In Amsterdam, the Sauna or the chocolate factory in Finland, the lab experiments in Laatzen and others…..

We hope that they will never forget this experience and it encourages them to participate in another Erasmus project in the future.