Save the planet by the students of 4th Year

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The ESO students in Year 4 are taking part in an eTwinning project with a Turkish school in Antalya. Project based on the activities designed by four teachers of our school: Violeta, Blanca and Pilar. The students have been working hard in teams in the 4 different subjects: Entrepreneurship, Biology and English (since it is the vehicular language of the project) and now they are going to present their part of the project.

The project has 2 parts: a common one with the aim of raising awareness about the amount of waste generated by us and the second one, more specific, focused on a specific point: climate change, greenhouse effect, air pollution, water pollution, deforestation…..

We hope that thanks to their research, we will be more aware of the importance of recycling, reusing and reducing as much as possible. As they say:” The future of the planet depends on us”.

Congratulations green guys!!!